Alphabet is reportedly interested in buying Fitbit

If Alphabet got Fitbit, that could dramatically change the landscape for smartwatches. Despite the challenges Fitbit is still one of the largest smartwatch manufacturers in the world – this would quickly consolidate the market. It could also provide Google with expertise in a number of areas, including fitness tracking. This does not necessarily mean that you will see that Google produces its own Fitbit-influenced smartwatches, but it could incorporate more fitness features into Wear OS.

Fitbit may require a deal. Although the Versa line has helped Fitbit’s fortune, the company is still battling between its heavy reliance on basic fitness trackers and the gradual transition to services. It’s bloody money and it may get even worse when competitors like Apple and Samsung offer both more advanced and cheaper models. Alphabet can provide a lifeline to a team that would be confronted with insecurity.