Early Apple TV+ reviews show a lineup lacking hits

The morning show

The flagship series of the company also seems to be the most fissile. What the consensus suggests is that the Morning Show does not get off to a good start, nor does it live up to its #Meto inspiration. Rolling Stone’s Alan Sepinwall was particularly impressed in the first three episodes. He said The Morning Show was “Sorkin without Sorkin”, lacking the snappy dialogue, the flying rhetoric or any attempt to argue why anyone should be interested in the future of the show. within the show. “Ouch.

The show, however, shows strong performances. In particular, the critics liked Jennifer Aniston and found that she had performed one of her best performances in years. “Alex Levy is vulnerable, calculating, naive, arrogant, controlling, and at the same time chaotic, a wonderful bundle of emotions and ruthless business acumen that ensures the dominance of her personality and her ever-changing expressions,” writes AV Club Alex McLevy.


It may not come as a surprise, but of all broadcasts launched on Apple TV +, See is the only critic of Variety, and the AV Club says its least worth your time. In short, they say the dystopian story is derived from other, much better sci-fi series. Beyond the stars Jason Momoa and Alfre Woodard, the rest of the cast is equally uninspiring. The last of the three episodes reviewers saw ended in a cliffhanger, suggesting that sea could become a more interesting show. However, neither site was confident that the show would be successful, as it would require See to take a new, more original direction.


Critics are still not sure what to think of Dickinson. Part of the problem is that the series, which retells the life of the poet Emily Dickinson, dances between different genres and is not always successful. One thing that has caught the eye of several reviewers is the portrayal of rapper Wiz Khalifa as a personification of death (Dickinson has written more than 500 poems on the subject). Likewise, much of the female cast, including lead actress Hailee Steinfeld and co-star Anna Baryshnikov, is convincing.

For all humanity

Fortunately for fans of alternative history and the creator of Battlestar Galactica, Ronald D. Moore, For All Mankind seems to be the jewel in the first Apple TV + catalog. According to the reviews we read, the series is not always successful, especially as it tries to give all its extensive cast ensembles time, but where it succeeds, it rises in the air. Cinematography and direction, especially in space scenes, are two obvious highlights, as well as attention to historical detail, according to Variety and the AV Club.

If there is a passage to the reviews, it is not worth jumping on Apple TV + at launch. Yes, the service is cheaper than Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and other competing streaming platforms, but without third-party blockbuster content and overwhelming originals, you’ll get much less for your money.