Facebook agrees to pay the UK £500K for the Cambridge Analytica scandal

The fine was first imposed in July 2018, but Facebook appealed the verdict. The ICO should be asked to share the materials that led to its decision, and the alleged bias of the ICO should be taken into account. A few months later, the ICO appealed against Facebook. Now both sides have agreed to drop their appeals. Facebook will pay the fine but there will be no “disclaimer”.

Financially, Facebook is a breeze. The fine of £ 500,000 is the maximum allowable penalty under the laws applicable at the time of Cambridge Analytica’s scandal. Had the scandal occurred after the new, more stringent EU data protection legislation (DSGVO) came into force, the company would have received a fine of four percent of its worldwide turnover (£ 17m). In both cases, the fines of the United Kingdom are fading compared to the $ 5 billion that FCC imposed on Facebook for violating the Cambridge Analytica privacy policy.

In a statement, Facebook Director and Associate General Counsel Harry Kinmonth said:

“We are pleased to have reached an agreement with the ICO, and as we said earlier, we would have liked to do more to investigate the allegations about Cambridge Analytica in 2015. At that time, we fundamentally changed our platform and updated the information regarding the App significantly limited developers could access it. ”

Facebook believes that protecting privacy and security of users is a top priority, and the company will continue to work with the ICO to investigate the use of data analytics for political purposes.