Fraud forces Valve to kill ‘CS:GO’ loot box key trading

If you’re playing CS: GO and find a loot box, you’ll have to pay Valve a real sum of money for a key to unlock the box. So far, however, it was also possible to buy keys and resell them at a profit to your friends and enemies. Of course, it is plausible that such an anonymous trading system could be used to clean up dirty money, even on such small numbers, but Valve has not substantiated his claims.

This is not the first time that the title has been linked to unethical practices. As early as 2017, two creators had ordered their fans to visit a CS: GO gambling website, forgetting to reveal that they owned the site.

Users who purchased CS: GO container keys before Monday, October 28, may continue to be sold and traded. But from now on, the keys will remain with you and it is likely that the change will affect other game currencies that can be similarly sold. We will also keep an eye on the Ministry of Justice website, as it is likely where Valve will go, the authorities will follow.