Go on a digital detox with the Paper Phone app

The app is for “people who feel they spend too much time on their cell phones and have trouble finding a balance with the technology,” the developers said. You can take a break from the screen time by printing a personal brochure with information about the phones of the users they need for the day, such as: For example, contact information, maps, and meetings. It can also print “paper apps” for recipes, phrasebooks or notes.

After installation, the app guides users through the export of the selected information and either prints it out or saves it as a PDF. Then the content is printed in a foldable booklet that you can take with you during the day.

The project is part of the Experiments with Google Collection, a collection of innovative projects and apps running on Google products like Chrome and Android or on third-party platforms like Unity.

The print app follows five new Google apps designed to reduce screen time. With increasing public concern about the time we spend on our devices, especially children, many people are looking for ways to reduce their dependency on cell phones and other devices.

Paper Phone may not be a great option for regular use, but it’s a fun and engaging way to get away from your smartphone for a day or two. It can now be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store.