Google canceled the Pixel Watch years ago and never looked back

We have encountered rumors that detail Google’s so-called Pixel Watch with some regularity, but the company never made its own Wear OS device that could compete against the Apple Watch.

Meanwhile, the Apple Watch continued to grow, since it has virtually no rival in the market that has a chance against the Apple Watch Series 5. But it turns out that Google had a Pixel Watch ready in the fall of 2016 when it launched the first Pixel phones, but The company canceled the device at 11 o’clock and never looked back.

It is not known if Google will launch a Pixel Watch over time, but we would have heard of it if the launch was imminent. After all, Pixel phones, including the Pixel 4, have always been leaked long before the fall press events, and a portable Google device wouldn’t remain a secret for a long time.

It was Rick Osterloh, vice president of hardware at Google, who canceled the Pixel Watch months before the first Pixel event, reports Business Insider. Apparently, Watch didn’t fit with the Pixel family of products, and a former Google employee who worked on the project said they “didn’t want a peripheral product to tear down the name of Google’s hardware brand.”

Google experts have confirmed to Business Insider that there are no plans to launch a Pixel Watch this holiday season, and it is not clear when that device will be launched.

The first watches manufactured by Google would have been manufactured in cooperation with LG, the report said, and actually leaked in July 2016 (above). Google went ahead and created official press photos for the watches, and decided on a Google Watch temporary brand. Apparently that was before the project was canned.

The arrival of Osterloh, meanwhile, led to a new effort within the company to unify the hardware under the same family, despite the fact that different teams worked on different types of products. Google ended up canceling the Project Ara modular watch, which would have been a separate effort, but also a “fashion-centric” portable device developed by the former Google Glass team and Nest CEO Tony Fadell. The Pixel Watch had the same fate.

Apparently, it was the design of LG devices that was an important concern for the executive. Osterloh was not happy with the way the watches worked with the Pixel phone, with critical features such as synchronization between the Pixel and the clock that didn’t work “so well.”

LG ended up manufacturing and selling the two devices such as LG Watch Style and LG Watch Sport (above) in February 2017. But that’s the kind of wearables that nobody will really remember.

Google clearly was not very lucky to leave Wear OS to third parties, since the operating system could not offer an experience similar to what was available on the Apple Watch. One of the main bottlenecks was real hardware, as Google relied on Qualcomm chips for portable devices instead of a local solution.

Those watchmakers who still wanted to create intelligent versions of their watches tried to do so, but had little success. The Business Insider report says that Tag Heuer still sticks to smart watches, with a new model that will be launched next March, only to convince the industry that it has not failed in the market, not because they sell well. .

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