Google Maps is about to receive a feature we’ve all been waiting for

A major location tracking scandal was needed for Google to really do something about user privacy when it comes to location tracking. After a report called Google for fooling users who thought their location data would not be collected due to the way they set up location permissions, Google devised solutions. Now you can prevent Google from tracking you, except for those applications where location data is paramount, think of Google Maps and Waze. In addition, Google added better privacy features in Android 10, which also deal with location data, driving Facebook crazy in the process. On top of that, Google is about to make Google Maps even more private, if that’s something you want from the application. The company is bringing incognito mode to Google Maps, and the feature is already under test.

One way to use Google Maps and try to limit the location data you collect is to log out of your Google account. But that is not convenient, and that is where the Incognito Mode will be useful. You can activate the feature, just as you would for Chrome or YouTube, to prevent your searches or browsing data from being associated with your primary Google account.

The feature was promised about four months ago in Google I / O, so we knew it was already in process, but Android Police reports that it is only now being implemented for some members of the Google Maps Preview test.

Incognito mode will work everywhere where Google Maps is available, including Android Auto. The following image shows the mode activated in the car. You will notice the black status bar that says “Incognito mode is activated”.

The following animation shows how the switch to incognito mode works on an Android phone. Simply select the avatar option from your Google account, at which point a black status bar will inform you that you are using the incognito application. In addition, the locator marker will change from blue to dark to mark the change. You can return to the usual Maps experience whenever you want.

To get the feature at this time, you must have version 10.26 of Preview Maps or a later version installed. That is if you are part of the test group Preview maps. Otherwise, you will have to wait a while for Google to publish it more widely.

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