Hundreds of employees criticize Facebook’s political ad policies

In the letter received from the New York Times, employees argue that allowing misinformation could increase mistrust of Facebook and undermine Facebook’s integrity. They suggest six ways to remedy this, including keeping political ads to the same standards as other ads, narrowing the targeting of political ads, and generally clearer policies.

As the letter says:

“Misinformation affects all of us.” Our current policy on reviewing people in political offices or those running for office is a threat to what FB stands for, and we strongly disapprove of this directive in its present state not, but instead, politicians can equip our platform with weapons by targeting people who believe that content posted by political figures is trustworthy. ”

While we’ve seen Google employees talking about company policies and getting out of Amazon, internal disagreements like these are rather rare for Facebook. This could also be seen as a setback to the company’s recent efforts to point out that it has things under control.

Engadget has asked Facebook for a comment.