Juul stands accused of shipping a million contaminated vape pods

The lawsuit states that Breja learned at a board meeting on March 12, 2019, that approximately 250,000 juul mint refills (equivalent to one million pads) of contaminated e-liquid were shipped to retailers and sold to consumers. Breja protested Juuls refusal to publish a product recall or at least a public security announcement, but former Chief Financial Officer Tim Danaher “questioned his financial acumen” as it would cost the company billions of dollars.

In addition, the former director said he had protested against the sale of one-year pods in February and asked Juul to put an expiry date on the packaging. Former CEO Kevin Burns, who has been replaced by former Altria CEO K.C. Crosthwaite, allegedly replied, “Half of our customers are drunk and vaping like Mo-Fos, who the hell will notice the quality of our pods?”

Breja’s lawyer Harmeet Dhillon told BuzzFeed News:

Mr Breja, aware of very worrying acts in the company, fulfilled his duty to the shareholders and the Board of Directors by reporting these issues internally, for which he was inappropriately dismissed, which is very worrying, especially since some of the questions he raised related to questions public safety. ”

We also contacted Juul for an answer and will update this post as soon as we hear about it.

Juul was heavily audited last year for marketing campaigns that critics have developed to make the brand more attractive to young people. The company was at the crossroads of authorities such as the FTC and the FDA, which accused it of undermining its efforts to prevent vapors in teens. In addition, the steam industry as a whole came under the microscope after the CDC uncovered hundreds of cases of serious lung disease, possibly related to vaping.