Leaked audio captures Sundar Pichai discussing leaks at Google

The Washington Post released audio from a Google All Hands meeting tonight, which took place Thursday when executives responded to questions from staff on a number of issues. These include the hiring of a former employee of the Department of Homeland Security who publicly defended a later version of the government’s “travel ban” on citizens of several predominantly Muslim nations, as well as a recent Chrome extension for employees who have been labeled as “banned” by employees has been. Spying tool. ”

While Pichai described trust as “one of the most basic things for the business,” he referred to the problem of “transparency on a scale of how to do it, especially at a time when everything we do is not in the wall. ” While Google was proud of a culture that it sees as open and permissive, internal discussions have leaked out against the company and some of its employees. At the same time, Google employees who had led a protest have since left the company, claiming they were subject to retaliation for their efforts.

A number of employees felt that the recent Chrome extension, which automatically reported that an employee had created a meeting with more than 10 rooms or 100 attendees, was designed specifically to suppress this type of dissent, even if it was a manager claimed it was about reducing the potential of calendar spam. Buzzfeed News previously reported details of the call for Miles Taylor’s recent deployment as senior executives claimed that the coverage of his background contained inaccuracies.