New Disney+ talk show will be hosted by a Jim Henson alien puppet

Disney + unscripted originals VR Dan Silver said:

“Disney has a long history of giving the audience insights into distant lands and bringing new talents to the forefront, and we believe that Ned is next, we are happy to have the talents of Jim Henson Co. and the people of To have Marwar Junction’s productions that help Ned, Cornelius, BETI, and the Clods implement and fully implement their vision, and I would be puzzled if I did not thank Ned for promising to entertain us instead of us destroy all. ”

In addition to Ned and Cornelius, the show, which is broadcast from the bridge of their alien ship, will also feature their artificial intelligence BETI and an army of cloned living objects of destruction or CLODS. Disney originally planned to restart Muppets for its streaming service until the company shelved it due to creative differences with the participating artists. These are not the Muppets, but hey, it sounds funny. Earth to Ned does not yet have a premiere date, but Disney + itself will be available from November 12th.