Photoshop’s latest AI-powered tool makes quick work of selections

You can select the Object Selection tool from the Magic Wand group in the toolbar. To isolate a single object, just click on it. To select multiple objects, drag a rectangular marquee over them (or lasso the marquee if you want to select multiple objects without hitting other nearby objects). If you only want to select part of a creative, such as For example, the hat of a person, you can pull the selection frame over the hat. The Sensei AI engine from Adobe activates and differentiates the background, the subject, and even parts of the subject to get an accurate outline. Granted, it’s likely that you’ll spend a little time making small changes to the selection. This new tool saves users a few seconds to several minutes per object and definitely avoids some major headaches.

A similar feature as the Object Selection tool was introduced earlier this month in Photoshop Elements 2020. It seemed strange that users of the more accessible version of the Adobe software got such a useful tool while keeping Creative Cloud subscribers in the dark, when: – or even when – the Pro version of the app came up with something similar. The Object Selection tool is more powerful than the One-Click feature of Elements because it allows you to select multiple objects, refine edges, and much more. Although we have no release date for “soon”, we at least know that the feature will be available shortly.