Positive Grid’s Spark amp helps you learn and jam to your favorite songs

In conjunction with your smartphone or tablet, the 40-Watt Spark analyzes your playing style and creates an accompaniment with backing drum beat and bassline. It probably will not keep up with the mixolydian prog riff, but if you just need some support for your drums, the virtual drummer will keep up the tempo and the bassist will not be in the limelight. If you want to know more about what the virtual instruments are playing, you can use voice commands and ask Spark to play a slow blues track that you can follow, for example.

Similar to Fender Songs, which analyzes Apple music audio and generates chord diagrams, the Spark app can select tracks from YouTube, Apple Music, and Spotify so you can play almost any song. With the app you can also slow down or drag passages so that you can practice the chord change at your own pace.

On the control panel, the Spark has the typical EQ array of bass, middle, and treble controls (though there is no presence control). Gain and master volume pots (so you can control how clean or dirty the signal sounds without disturbing the neighbors); Modulation, delay and reverb levels; a tap-tempo button; an on-board tuner and a preset selector. Positive Grid uses the same modeling engine in the Spark for $ 299 as it does in its flagship BIAS amplifiers for $ 1,299. That means countless amp and effect modeling options and 10,000 presets from artists, producers, and the Positive Grid user community.

Positive Grid has made waves in the world of digital guitar amplifiers, offering affordable alternatives to impulse response modelers like the Kemper Profiler or the Fractal Ax FX, which can cost over $ 2,000. These devices are more expensive than standard modeling amplifiers as their specialized software tracks the sound quality of a particular amplifier and produces a surprisingly accurate digital replay that is stored as a preset. In other words, you can have a very close approximation to the radiant purities of a Fender Twin and the distorted sound of a mesa / boogie duplexer in the same amp

The Spark will debut in December from $ 299 but pre-order guitarists will receive a $ 120 discount on the sticker price.