Tesla unveils its easier to install Solar Roof

This is the third version of the company’s solar roof tiles and between the earlier versions. The company states that increases power density, halved the parts used in the bricks and has significantly reduced the costs compared to the second generation tiles.

Musk pointed out that there will always be cases where a roof and panels are cheaper than Tesla’s Solar Tiles. However, he’s pretty sure the company’s solar roof will be cheaper 80 percent of the time.

One of Tesla’s biggest efforts for these new tiles is the time required and ease of installation. The company will initially install it on its own, but begins with the installation of roofs by contractors. The goal is to install these roofs in eight hours. If you have ever installed a roof, this is usually a multi-day event. Eight hours are very fast.

At the moment you can only order the black glass tiles, but the company hopes to have new variants every six to nine months. This includes the development of a design for clay tiles for houses in the Mediterranean style.

As for the efficiency of the tile opposite a plate. At the cellular level, Tesla strives for energy equivalency, but acknowledges that this efficiency is easily in the single-digit range for the tiles to look good. The company mentioned that you would have a larger area of ​​tiles on your house than with panels, so this is a better solution overall, as the area is covered. Besides, it looks better.

That’s natural if you need a new roof.

The new solar roof can be ordered from now on and the company expects that the installation will start with the customers in a few weeks. The tiles have a warranty of 25 years.