‘The Last of Us Part II’ is delayed until May 29th, 2020 (updated)

It’s a bit surprising, given the hype surrounding the event last month, that Sony or Naughty Dog have already decided to turn around and slow down the start. However, such delays are not uncommon in the industry. In fact, Naughty Dog’s own Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End was pushed back several times before it arrived in May 2016. Probably, Naughty Dog was much quieter due to these multiple delays in working on The Last of Us Part II. Naughty Dog had not shown anything new about the game since the E3 2018 before the release and trailer last month.

Update, 12:05 pm ET: Sony and Naughty Dog have confirmed that The Last of Us Part II will be released on May 29, 2020.