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It is now sold more than the original PlayStation.Sony’s PS4 is the second best console ever

The PS4 became the second best console ever and surpassed the original PlayStation with 102.5 million units sold. Sony said it had sold 2.8 million PS4 (including PS4 Pro) this quarter, in addition to the $ 100 million mark last quarter. That’s less than last year, but it was enough to bring it to 102.8 million, just above the original horsepower. However, it is unlikely that the PS2 will catch 155 million units sold. The announcement came in Sony’s latest earnings report, in which smartphone sales impacted the newly established Electronic Products & Solutions segment, which brought together mobile, camera, TV and audio lines.

In addition, the company has announced that PlayStation Vue will be closed by January 2020, given the incredibly intense competition in streaming services.

10,000 hours of content with recommendations from Zac Efron.HBO Max starts in May and costs $ 15 a month

At an event for AT & T investors, we learned more about the new HBO streaming service, which will be launched next spring, including its price. Priced at $ 15 per month, this is HBO’s current streaming / cable offering and includes an enhanced content suite with a combination of exclusive originals and licensed catalog content (such as Rick & Morty and the South Park Library, which is said to be around $ 500 million) Cost US $) and more.

If you are currently receiving HBO Now directly or have a combination of AT & T Premium Packs / HBO, you will also receive Max Service for free. However, if you are currently subscribing to HBO in a different way, we need to wait until you know what to expect. In both cases, a new Game of Thrones series is on the way – the network has announced an order for 10 episodes for House of the Dragon. It takes place 300 years before the events of the first show and is based on George R. R. Martin’s book Fire & Blood about the Targaryen family.

This takes some getting used to.Apple AirPods Pro to touch: I can already hear the difference

While Apple’s most professional AirPods are on sale, you may be wondering if they are worth the $ 249 investment. Chris Velazco did not have enough time to put together a full review, but so far he said the sound quality has improved. However, getting used to the new capacitive controls has been a mixed experience, and he has some concerns about how battery life deteriorates, especially when using active noise cancellation.

However, their ability to close your ears more thoroughly (without causing a stuffy feeling, thanks to carefully placed vents) and the more subtle stems are pleasant improvements. Just don’t lose one, as replacement costs $ 89 per bud – $ 20 more than the amateur set.

You may be able to strike your phone at the end of a call.Samsung teases a folding phone concept

Samsung can not be stopped by the lukewarm reception of its Galaxy Fold. At its annual, usually dry developer conference, there was a preview of another vertically foldable clamshell-style form factor. The company merely stated that it was “exploring” the concept as part of its overall work on folding equipment. In a quick demo, however, a user was shown who recorded a video in full screen mode and when folding phone 90 created a split view with more extensive controls. It’s a similar premise to what we’ve learned about Motorola’s Folding RAZR. Phone ambitions have heard.

A shaky CarPlay connection is fun.The BMW Z4 M40i is a roadster with lots of fun

After a break of four years, the Z4 is again on offer from BMW and offers plenty of technology, a powerful engine and the removable roof. Roberto Baldwin said that despite some disruptions, “almost all the right scores are scored”, even though he would choose the cheaper engine option.

It does not come so fast.Netflix is ​​defending its controversial variable play test

Netflix has responded to feedback via a variable-speed feature that is currently being tested. In a blog post, VP Keela Robison said it was one of many features that the company is currently exploring, such as adding brightness controls to its video player. Netflix also seemed to be aware of the possible setback – mainly from purists and directors – as it decided to test variable playback on Android phones rather than larger screens like televisions.

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