There may be a huge Apple Watch upgrade cycle on the horizon

In recent years, the Apple Watch has rapidly evolved from a niche product to a conventional device. Thanks to a series of impressive updates that saw Apple add cellular connectivity, along with a number of health and fitness features, Apple Watch sales have increased at an impressive rate every year since its launch a few years ago.

What is particularly interesting about the continued increase in Apple Watch sales is that Apple is doing a stellar job by selling the device to buyers for the first time. At this point, an Apple spokesman recently told CNBC that 75% of Apple Watch buyers are completely new to the device and are not upgrading from an existing Apple Watch model.

This is an intriguing and impressive figure. Not only does it show that Apple’s annual Apple Watch updates continue to attract new buyers, but it suggests that there may be a growing group of users that might be willing to update in the future. This certainly bodes well for Apple’s burgeoning wearable division.

Speaking of how quickly Apple Watch sales, and in turn, revenue, have increased over the years, during its latest earnings report, Apple specifically promoted the “accelerated growth of wearables” as one of the main drivers of the company’s largest June quarter in history. In fact, Apple’s portable device business itself is as large as a Fortune 200 company, according to comments made by Tim Cook a few months ago.

Looking to the future, it will be interesting to see how the Apple Watch Series 5 works since it is relatively light in the new features. That said, the first revisions for the updated wearable have been overwhelmingly positive, and many praise the always active new screen.

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