This crazy new slider design with a waterfall display might be Samsung’s Galaxy S11

Assuming Samsung is still moving forward with the S-series phones early next year, we are likely to get a trio of Galaxy S11 variants with a Plus brand size at the top end, and it may even surprise fans of the Brand with a new innovative design. We say “assuming” that Samsung presses forward with an S11 in early 2020, because as we noted on Monday, a rumor (attributable to the well-known Evan Blass filter) has begun to circulate that Samsung will merge its brands of S and Note phones, producing something possibly new instead of an S11 next year.

Meanwhile, Samsung design teams continue to work hard behind the scenes and have just patented an elegant-looking slider design that could well end up being part of the S11, if Samsung ends up moving with it after all.

At the end of August, a patent was published that Samsung filed earlier this year with the United States Patent and Trademark Office that represents a smartphone with a retractable screen. The patent, discovered by the Dutch technology news blog LetsGoDigital, shows a compact sliding device that fits easily in a pocket when folded and includes a rounded screen with a waterfall screen. As shown in the patent documentation, pull up to extend the screen. Fully extended, there is approximately 25% more viewing space.

You must use the phone completely to use the rear cameras. That also means that, in their most compact orientation, the rear cameras remain hidden and protected from scratches and debris. It seems that there is also room at the top of the screen for the speaker and the front camera.

I could almost look at a design like this and feel that it is an example of Samsung covering its bets, trying to offer consumers something new on the same line as the Galaxy Fold, with its novel way of introducing extra space on the screen, without making the same bold jump as the fold. Which is something that not all consumers will appreciate anyway. However, this design feels much more traditional and accessible, providing a nice but un ambitious design twist for the Galaxy S11, once again, assuming Samsung really decides to manufacture and launch such a model. The rumors of its merger with the Note brand are, for now, just that: rumors.

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