Uber will pay drivers and couriers after every trip

The company updates its Visa debit card to provide up to six percent cashback on gas purchases. Drivers can use it to withdraw from their account at GoBank ATMs free of charge. Uber also animates his credit card with no annual fee. Cardholders can earn five percent in Uber Cash when spending money on Uber services, and up to three percent on other purchases.

In addition, Uber provides drivers and couriers with a digital wallet. Uber Wallet gives you an overview of spend history and a way to manage your money and make payments. It will be released in the Uber Driver app in the coming weeks and will also be available through the Uber Eats and Uber apps.

Uber plans to integrate Apple Pay and Google Pay into its wallet next year, Uber Money boss Peter Hazlehurst told CNBC. In this case, drivers can spend their earnings without having to make a withdrawal or use a physical debit card.

Uber initially focuses on drivers and couriers in these financial services. Users may be able to request their own bank account through the Uber Money platform.

It was reported last month that Uber is considering offering loans to drivers. In some countries, including India and Brazil, this is already the case. However, Hazlehurst said Uber has not determined whether it would offer credit in the US. However, motorists have access to a free overdraft amount of $ 100 via the direct debit account.

Earlier this year, Lyft began offering drivers free bank accounts and their own debit card with cashback incentives. Uber will release the real-time revenue, bank account and cards in the coming months.