Users share what makes the Google Nest Hub great



Nicole felt the sleek design and fabric-clad hardware gave the Nest Hub a minimalist, friendly look that helped it blend naturally into a space. At this point, user Richard agreed with her and stated that “it looks good, it’s pretty slender and does not look like the monolithic block that Amazon went with for the Alexa, so it fits in a little better.” However, Bxstrb said he had problems with the huge apertures around the device, but admitted that this was “more of an aesthetic preference for me”.

Ambient EQ

At the top of the Nest Hub display is a small sensor that works with Ambient EQ. This feature automatically detects the lighting in a room and adjusts the screen of the Nest Hub. Although it only works when the display is in standby mode, Nicole found it particularly useful in a bedside unit. Some user reviewers liked the feature, with jpfeifer saying “the light from this thing is less intrusive than most of the alarm clocks I’ve used,” and bxstrb found that the screen on the Nest Hub is better than my echo show when I adapt to the environment light all day long. ”

However, HangmansNoose considered the feature to be a drawback: “The display becomes too dark in dark rooms,” they said, “and you can adjust the brightness when the hub is active, but the light sensor automatically drops it back down the lowest brightness setting As soon as the hub is inactive, it dimmers to a point where it is barely legible. “Ssallen agreed, saying,” The screen brightness drops so much when the lights are off that the clock is not easily reached I wish they would only increase the brightness by 5-10 [percent]. ”


Although the screen of the Nest Hub is small, Nicole noted that the image quality is sharp and colorful at every turn. Most users were also impressed by the ad. jpfeifer said the screen was “excellent and probably the best selling point”, and the “integration with Google Photos certainly makes it the best digital picture frame I’ve ever used.” Ssallen said the display looked “awesome,” and Kevin found that everything he’d done with his bedroom home mini was enhanced by a screen on the Nest Hub. However, Bxstrb said it was “way too small” and said, “such a good screen would thrive on a bigger size.” However, Richard, who viewed YouTube’s reputation for its low pixel density, added that “you generally do not look at it as closely as a phone or tablet, so it’s actually not that big of a problem.”

Speaker / Sound

Nicole’s experience with the sound on the Nest Hub led her to conclude that while the device is not capable of listening to music, it is great for podcasts and audiobooks thanks to its loud, clear vocals. The reviewers were on the same page as Nicole; Roy said that the only minus of the device is the not so good sound quality for listening to music. According to Cynic13, “the audio quality is mediocre – think of Google Home Mini”. jpfeifer found the audio “by no means outstanding” and gibhunter found it “poor and often not loud enough for videos that are quiet”.


The software experience on the Nest Hub was a bit touching for Nicole. Although it works well with other Nest devices and Google apps, YouTube functionality was limited, and it also became unclear which display should be used for commands. Richard said “it’s pretty good with everything that works with other Google home devices”, but was frustrated that there was no Chromecast support for Audible because it was owned by Amazon. Jpfeifer agreed and said, “I have a huge Audible library and it has always been annoying not to be able to use it on the Google Assistant, although there is not really anything Google can do about it, but it’s stopping me to use the device for something I hear every day. ”

Cynic13 also had some software-related issues: “The home automation UI is really awful, with too much space and a cumbersome, unconfigurable organization.” Also on the cons list for Cynic13: “All devices are organized in spaces that are different from the way I want to control things.” “The media controls are similarly cumbersome with Google Cast limitations, but without the full Google Play Music or Play Movies interface,” they added. Gibhunter was also frustrated with the reduced features of Google Home and said the interface was “too limited to be usable”. Also at the top of the list of complaints was “that they constantly had to access them to watch videos while they were washing up, since there is no Netflix support integrated and no recommendations for my YouTube channels are displayed.” They were also irritated by the differences between the wizard in Android Auto, Google Home, Google Home and the phone version.


Not everyone was disappointed with the software on the Nest Hub: Richard said that “Usability is generally good and Google is updating the interface over time, so in the latest version, controlling your home lighting etc. is really nice.” Bxstrb said the “UI is also better than the show, especially for controlling smart home devices like the lighting” and “Speech recognition is pretty good and picks me up from anywhere in the room, even when the TV is on. ” Ssallen enjoyed “managing the lights with just a simple swipe” and the Nest Hub allowed me to turn off the lights without waking my wife, unlike a voice-only assistant. It also works great when an alarm clock can easily fall asleep and set new alarms aloud. ”


When Nicole looked through the Nest Hub, she found that it was good value for money of $ 150. However, the price has fallen to 130 US dollars. Users found even better deals, making the device worth buying. Bxstrub said the Nest Hub was “recently put up for sale for only $ 59- $ 79,” and that it “was well worth the price”. TigerInCO owns a Nest Hub “since the first time the price has fallen below $ 100. Is it worth $ 129, maybe, is it worth $ 75?” And Jpfeifr said that “the Nest Hub at its full price is something that’s worth the money when you’re in the market for a small screen, with frequent discounts it’s not something you value out believe it for the price. ”

Google Home Hub

Wrap up

In the end, most users had positive things to say about their Nest Hubs, but there were a few drawbacks. Kevin had trouble setting a default Chromecast for video playback, and HandmansNoose had problems with the microphones being unable to accept voice commands. Richard thought the “app integration is not as good as Alexa, and there’s no real equivalent to the skills.” Gibhunter said the Nest Hub was “much less useful than expected because of its poor user interface.” Cynci13 even said they “regret buying this device, it’s well made, but does not come close to its potential.”

On the other hand, Brent said it was a “great addition to the kitchen and / or the bedroom,” and bxstrb said the Nest Hub was “an even better buy than the Echo Show 5” and its smaller screen. Richard, who thought that “the Nest Hub is a solid product that will improve over time,” added the device “is a great way to hear music and podcasts and watch YouTube, but the Star Party Trick is the Recipe Feature In this way, you can ask Google for a recipe, there are a number of sources back and you choose what you want, and then the hub lists the ingredients and steps that you control completely with your voice than with your phone. “And TigerInCO said” they would recommend this to anyone involved in home automation or just as a small upgrade to a Google Home Mini. “