Waymo’s fully-automated shuttles are picking up riders around Phoenix

At the beginning of the month, Waymo said it was close to offering autonomous rides without substitute riders. This announcement suggests that the plans are on schedule. Unfortunately, Waymo has not confirmed when the driverless rides will be available to all customers in Phoenix, and users who have signed up for the service have signed privacy agreements.

Krafcik noted that Waymo has opened the world’s first plant for autonomous L4 driver integration. Reuters reports that the company is also testing its automated driver technology on Peterbilt trucks as it plans to expand to truck and commercial deliveries. “We believe that trucking is a really interesting application for the Waymo driver,” said Krafcik.

“In the heart of Detroit, MI, we opened the world’s first plant dedicated to 100% autonomous L4 driver integration, and our facility has recently completed 30 I-PACES, which are now located in CA, where they are being developed and tested become.” – @ johnkrafcik @Forbes # 30Under30Summit