Why did Elon Musk just buy a million trees?

What is TeamTrees?

TeamTrees is a project initiated by a small group of well-known creators to raise money for the Arbor Day Foundation. By the end of 2019, $ 20 million will be raised to finance the planting of 20 million new trees by the end of 2022. At the time of publication, $ 7.9 million was collected to plant 7.9 million trees for obvious reasons on all continents except Antarctica.

Why trees?

This is part of a broader strategy to mitigate the effects of anthropogenic climate change and reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Earlier this year, a group of researchers announced that global reforestation on 1.7 billion hectares of currently unused land could capture up to 25 percent of the CO2 in the current atmospheric pool. In total, around 1 trillion trees would have to be planted in a short time, without interfering with the land on which livestock is kept or grain is grown.

Ok, sounds real, 1M will donate trees

– Treelon (@elonmusk), October 29, 2019

Like almost all plants, trees consume carbon dioxide, sunlight and water to produce glucose and oxygen. And carbon makes up a large part of their mass, so planting trees sustainably is a valuable way to remove CO2 from the atmosphere.

Studies at North Carolina State University have shown that the average tree can save 48 pounds of CO2 in one year, which is closer to 1 ton of carbon after 40 years. According to this estimate, 20 million trees in 2018 could consume 960 million tonnes of CO2 or around 2.6 percent of global emissions. Although planting trees is not a miracle cure, it can help especially if deforestation becomes a hot topic after Amazon fires.

Who is behind it?

TeamTrees is headed by Jimmy Donaldson. Donaldson, better known as Mr Beast, made a name for himself as he made stunts for his channel. His conspicuous antics began as endurance activities like counting up to 100,000 within two days or drying paint. As his profile (and income) increased, his videos revolved around sensational philanthropic actions that helped boost his profile and earning potential.

Reddit really wants me to plant 20 million trees.

– MrBeast (@MrBeastYT) May 23, 2019

This included buying a homeless house, giving a friend $ 100,000 for an hour, and challenging expensive truck-style items. Donaldson’s stunts have brought him a huge following and he has more than 25 million subscribers on YouTube. When he exceeded the 20 million figure, some fans suggested that he plant the same number of trees for his next stunt. This snowball was born among other high profile YouTubers and TeamTrees.

And who donated?

Can confirm that it is real. And we’ll bring the next million together to keep #TeamTrees growing

– B🎃🎃Tube (@YouTube) October 30, 2019

Obviously Musk is the highest profile donor, but he is not the only one. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey contributed $ 150,000 while music producer Alan Walker contributed $ 100,001. Donaldson himself has donated $ 100,002 and $ 100,000 for the cause, with the division earning him third and fifth place in the donation ranking Most Trees. And YouTube announced that it would collect the next million donations through its platform.

Who else got involved?

A number of other high-profile channels released their own videos at the same time as Donaldson’s video went live. Veritasium, SmarterEveryday, Mark Rober, Brady Haran, Linus Tech Tips, and The Infographics Show have alerted their followers to targeted videos. The science channel Veritasium, for example, has put together a few videos about how trees work, while Linus Tech Tips has developed an impractical but entertaining machine that can automate planting. Since then, a number of other well-known creators have signed up, including Alan Becker, DanPlan, and Ninja of Fortnite.

OK, sounds real, can I donate?

Yes, you can go to the TeamTrees website and offer as much as you like here. However, if you want to play the system forever, you can donate through one of many participating channels to make sure YouTube meets its $ 1 million promise.